Matchmaking Business in a Box

The Complete Bundle for Professionals

Introducing the Ultimate Bundle to be a successful Professional Matchmaker:

1. Comprehensive How-To Manual

This interactive 425-page manual is designed to get you actively thinking about why you want to be a matchmaker, the skills you have to offer and the skills you want/need to acquire or refine. Most importantly, this workbook will provide you with all the information you need - including sample client agreements - to become a successful Professional Matchmaker.

Forms included on the CD provided with the Comprehensive Professional Matchmaking Start-up Kit:
✓ Screen and Qualify Form (2 pages)
✓ Profile Forms (20 pages)
✓ Physical Attributes Form
✓ Potential Matches Form
✓ Feedback Form
✓ Code of Ethics
✓ Sample Website Templates
✓ Business Plan Form
✓ MMLS Referral Form

2. The Matchmakers Institute’s Database & CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This online solution created for independent matchmakers & dating coaches includes as a lead & client database, a search engine to generate matches, and a communication center to network with other matchmakers & coaches.

This is the turn key solution for all your service needs: lead tracking, Customer Relationship Management, search & matching tool, alerts to better serve your clients, and more. Turn leads into customers, increase efficiency.

This Customer Relationship Management solution enables you to:
✓ Organize our own database
✓ Track leads
✓ Schedule appointments
✓ Convert qualified leads into customers
✓ Add and edit client profiles
✓ Search for matches and retro-matches
✓ Send selected matches to your clients
✓ Request Date Feedback
✓ Sell/Share leads with other professionals

3. Support from Industry Experts

Early on we realized that passion and hard work gets you only so far in the business world. We wish we had someone to turn to for advice and run ideas by. It would have saved us time, energy and money. Most businesses fail in the first two years due to not having the proper business practices in place or resources to rely upon. With guidance you can save thousands of dollars, increase the odds of operating a successful business and shorten the learning curve most people incur during the first years of operation.

There are many decisions that will arise with owning your own business. And many questions that will come up too: how to increase revenues; how to grow and expand. Questions and issues always come with a sense of urgency. Enter Matchmakers 911, the very first expert teleconference help line.

Our experts are available to discuss these with you and give you advice. When considering new ideas you can use us as a sounding board for feedback.

The Matchmakers 911 Help Line's mission is to enhance, protect and support your investment and desire to own a Matchmaking Service. We will share with you general business practices of the Matchmaking Industry, work directly with you to ensure the proper systems are in place to run your Matchmaking service effectively and even teach you how to organize profitable Singles events. We will help you build upon your model by using proven business practices.

Current Expert Packages available:
✓ Jump Start your Business
✓ Business Strategies Uncovered
✓ Coaching For Love
✓ Building a Database. Getting Leads.
✓ Focus on Sales. Sell Baby Sell!
✓ Script Writing & Role Playing
✓ Online Marketing Made Easy: Turning Clicks into Customers
✓ Singles Events: Keys to Make an Impact

Purchase this Complete Bundle to become a successful Matchmaking Industry Professional!

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