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Why get assistance:

Early on we realized that passion and hard work gets you only so far in the business world. We wish we had someone to turn to for advice and run ideas by. It would have saved us time, energy and money. Most businesses fail in the first two years due to not having the proper business practices in place or resources to rely upon. With guidance you can save thousands of dollars, increase the odds of operating a successful business and shorten the learning curve most people incur during the first years of operation. There are many decisions that will arise with owning your own business. Many questions that will arise too: how to increase revenues; how to grow and expand. Our experts will be available to discuss these with you and give you advice. When considering new ideas you can use us as a sounding board for feedback.


The Matchmakers 911 Help-Line's mission is to enhance, protect and support your investment and desire to own a Matchmaking Service. We will share with you general business practices of the Matchmaking Industry, work directly with you to ensure the proper systems are in place to run your Matchmaking service effectively and even teach you how to organize profitable Singles events. We will help you build upon your model by using proven business practices.

What we offer:

Choose any of the following packages, depending on your current needs:

Jump Start your Business

Four one-on-one sessions with your experts Julie Ferman & Heidi Bilonick. Putting your business and strategy under a microscope for focused consulting in critical areas - business, sales, and coaching - to get your business on the right track, enabling success and profitability. This package is highly recommended for new matchmakers who just start or have been in business for less than 2 years.

Business Strategies Uncovered

Four one-on-one sessions with your expert Julie Ferman.
Developing and solidifying your business plan, your service offerings, and your operational systems in order to kick your business into high gear for growth and success.
This package is highly recommended for matchmakers who have been in business for at least a couple years and who are excited to take their operating systems to the next level in efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Coaching For Love

Four one-on-one sessions with your expert Julie Ferman.
Developing the structure for support, guidance, and coaching which your clients will need and will expect from you, and maping out the price points for your company’s dating coaching packages.
This package is highly recommended for both new matchmakers who want build a business from scratch and experienced matchmakers who would like to strengthen their dating and relationship coaching skills.

Focus on Sales. Sell Baby Sell!

Four one-on-one sessions with your expert Heidi Bilonick.
From Appointment Setting to Sales Techniques, Keys for Making the Close: Learning to use effective questioning and active listening, then to guide your clients through a journey which will motivate him or her to make the decision that will change the outcome of their life.
This package is highly recommended for anyone who want to sharpen their sales skills and increase revenues.

Script Writing & Role Playing

Four one-on-one sessions with your expert Heidi Bilonick.
Unfolding your own script to fight objections and ultimately improve conversions and sales.
** includes your customized script!
** also includes demonstration & a 1-hour training of up to 3 employees.
This package is highly recommended for any business that wants to improve its conversion ratio.

Online Marketing Made Easy: Turning Clicks into Customers

Three one-on-one sessions with your expert Lavinia Evans. Using the powerful combination of SEO, Google AdWords and a fully optimized website will make your online marketing campaign a conversion machine that turns curious clickers into customers. This package is highly recommended for anyone who operates a new or established business and wants to generate more quality leads each month.

Singles Events: Keys to Make an Impact

2 hours one-on-one with your expert, Jerome Chasques
Develop your database & audience with engaging events
Highly recommended for matchmakers & coaches who would like to learn the art of throwing fun and successful singles events to increase exposure and leads

HELP LINE: The Matchmakers 911 one-on-one workshops are available exclusively from the Matchmaking Institute.

All packages are personalized to your individual business needs. They are designed either as 'one to one' phone consultation sessions or 'group teleconference sessions' of 2 to 6 people - your choice, with a professional who is a proven expert in a specialty area.

CONSULTATION: Additional hours can be purchased if you wish to extend the length of your workshop.

As soon as you purchase this package, we'll set up a date and time to schedule your first call!

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