The Matchmaking Industry

The mainstream success of online dating has opened the door to using a third party to find love and skyrocketed the popularity of modern-day, one-on-one, personalized matchmaking services. Now more than ever before is it acceptable to use a professional matchmaker.

With about 1,500 independent matchmakers in the U.S. and total estimated sales of about $250 million in 2006, the matchmaking industry is booming. More and more people looking for a long term relationship are turning to personal matchmakers for confidential, safe and secure services, while online dating sites have seen subscriber-growth rates ebb in recent years.

The Matchmaking industry is skyrocketing in growth and profitability, even when the global economy is bad because:
- Singles are always looking for love.
- There are more and more singles that hit adulthood everyday and the divorce rate, at 50-60%, is higher than ever before.
- Matchmaking is receiving more exposure and growing in popularity.
- News stories about the matchmaking industry and matchmakers are very popular.

The Matchmaking Institute addresses the incredible growth in this industry by:

- setting standards and adhering to a code of ethics
- training future matchmakers to be ethical and sincere
- providing an educational institute comprised of serious lecturers and instructors
- supplying the tools and materials to get started in a matchmaking career
- creating a Network of Professional and Certified Matchmakers SM to allow for the exchange of idea and camaraderie
- publishing informational newsletters
- providing guidance for the new matchmaker

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