How to become an Approved or Executive Member

Here is the process for both matchmakers currently in business and new matchmakers to become a Member of the Professional Matchmakers Association.

1. Thoroughly read the Matchmaking Institute's Matchmaking Business Start-Up Kit and complete all exercises included at the end of each section.

Exemption: Professional Matchmakers that meet the following criteria are exempt from purchasing the Start-Up Kit and can apply directly to become an Executive Member of the Professional Matchmakers Association:
- Be in business for at least two years
- Provide us with at least one business reference
- Have at least 10 current clients
- Have no unresolved or pending complaints
- Have a working website
- Agree to abide by the Matchmaking Institute's Code of Ethics

2. Complete your business plan, and send it for review to the Matchmaking Institute. As part of the review process, you may be interviewed over the phone if we need to ask you additional questions. The objective is to make sure your plan is coherent and realistic. Also, we may refer you prequalified leads once you're approved, as part of our lead referral system - Matchmaking Multiple Listing Service (MMLS). Thus, we need to make sure we know all locations you serve, your price point, as well as gender and ages you focus on, as each and every lead is screened by phone to determine their budget and location before they are sent to you.

3. Set-up your company, open a dedicated website, and be ready to take on your first client.

4, Read and sign the agreement adhering to The Matchmaking Institute's Code Of Ethics.

5. Once your business plan has been successfully reviewed by a representative of the Matchmaking Institute and you have agreed to abide by our code of ethics, your information will be submitted to the Professional Matchmakers Association Board of Directors for approval. Reviews for approval are processed once every quarter. If approved, you will receive: - The Membership Seal to display on your website, stationery and marketing materials - Your official Documentation of Membership to the Professional Matchmakers Association

6. The Membership Seal featured on your website should link to at all times.

7. Once every two years, you will be requested to complete a questionnaire for membership review and may be asked additional questions or for a phone interview.

8. Membership is free but, as we take pride in maintaining quality in the industry, membership can be suspended or cancelled if a company is not in good standing. The primary reasons may be if a business is no longer operating or if we receive complaints that are not properly addressed.

9. Matchmakers who are entering into the field will be considered Approved Members; Matchmakers with a minimum of 2 years in business will be considered Executive Members. 10. All Association members must attend at least one Matchmaker Conference every two years to maintain membership.

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